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MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word Expert, Excel Expert, Access, and SharePoint Exams
By John Pierce and Geoff Evelyn
(Microsoft Press, $44.99, paperback;  $35.99, Kindle )

In today’s depressed job market, employers have the upper hand. So, many companies now demand that job candidates and current workers have a wide range of computer skills and training certifications – gained mostly on their own and at their own expense, of course.

This new MOS 2010 Study Guide from Microsoft Press can help you prepare to take four different Microsoft Office Expert and Specialist certification exams: Word Expert (Exam 77-887), Excel Expert (Exam 77-888), Access Specialist (Exam 77-885) and SharePoint Specialist (Exam 77-886).

To benefit from this book, you must have – or have access to – Word 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

You should download book’s practice files, which are organized by chapter and sometimes by section number, when necessary, and do the book’s exercises. No practice files, however, are provided for the SharePoint section.

“To work through the SharePoint section,” the authors emphasize, “you need full access to a SharePoint 2010 team site, and because SharePoint 2010 is a server-based platform rather than a desktop application, you need access to a server or an online application where SharePoint 2010 is installed or hosted. You can find information about SharePoint hosting services and the SharePoint trial edition at the start of that section of the book.”

The chapters for each of the four Microsoft products focus on preparing you to “demonstrate that you can complete certain tasks rather than simply answering questions about program features,” the authors note.

Indeed, the certification exams have been designed from studies of “how the Office 2010 programs or SharePoint are used in the workplace.”

Even if you do not plan to pursue Microsoft Office certifications, this 691-page book can help you better master an Office program or SharePoint. It is well-written and nicely illustrated, and it offers clearly defined steps and expert advice for completing specific tasks within the software.

In Word 2010, the areas covered are: (1) sharing and maintaining documents; (2) formatting content; (3) tracking and referencing documents; (4) performing mail merge operations; and (5) managing macros and forms.

The four chapters devoted to Excel cover: (1) sharing and maintaining workbooks; (2) applying formulas and functions; (3) presenting data visually; and (4) working with macros and forms.

The five chapters focusing on Access examine: (1) using the Access workspace; (2) building tables; (3) building forms; (4) creating and managing queries; and (5) designing reports.

The book’s four SharePoint chapters focus on “the general skills required to create, edit, and manage content on a Microsoft SharePoint team site,” the authors state.

The book includes a Certiport coupon good for a 25% discount on an MOS exam fee. Also, you get access to a free PDF version of the book that you can download from O’Reilly Media.

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