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MCPD Exam Ref 70-519: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4
By Tony Northrup
(Microsoft Press, list price $39.99, paperback)

Definitely consider this book if you are gearing up to get a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification in designing and developing web applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

“The 70-591 certification exam tests your knowledge of designing and developing web applications,” the author notes.

He is a Microsoft consultant and author of more than 25 books on Windows and web development, networking, and security.

His 271-page exam reference guide has six chapters:

  1. Designing the Application Architecture
  2. Designing the User Experience
  3. Designing Data Strategies and Structures
  4. Designing Security Architecture and Implementation
  5. Preparing for and Investigating Application Issues
  6. Designing a Deployment Strategy

The exam reference guide also has a solid, well-detailed, 12-page index.

“This book covers every exam objective,” the author notes, “but it does not necessarily cover every exam question. Microsoft regularly adds new questions to the exam, making it impossible for this (or any) book to provide every answer. Instead, this book is designed to supplement your relevant independent study and real-world experience.”

It also is not all-inclusive. Tony Northrup recommends augmenting exam preparations “by using a combination of available study materials and courses. For example, you might use the Exam Ref and another study guide for your ‘at home’ preparation and take a Microsoft Official Curriculum course for classroom experience.”

The approach employed in this exam reference is high-level, and it assumes that the reader already has some web development experience. “[B]oth the exam and the book are so high-level that there is very little coding involved. In fact, most of the code samples this book provides simply illustrate higher-level concepts,” Northrup points out.

Microsoft states that “[s]uccessful candidates generally have three or more years of real-world experience.”

Exam Ref 70-519 is well-written and adequately illustrated. And the text is divided into many small, manageable chunks, with exam tips, objective summaries, objective review questions and their answers, and links to additional information.

Those who purchase Exam Ref 70-519 also receive a 15% exam discount coupon from Microsoft, positioned at the back of the book.

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