Going for It–with Go

Mastering Go, 3rd Edition Mihalis Tsoukalous Packt Publishing, 978-180107-931-0 By Si Dunn To be honest, I’m not a great software developer. Actually, I retired from software development and software technical writing back in 2009, when the languages du jour–at least where I worked–were assembler and C, with a smattering of Erlang, and a relational database … Continue reading Going for It–with Go

Get Better with Golang: ‘Go in Practice’

Go in Practice Matt Butcher andĀ Matt Farina Manning, paperback Considerable planning, effort and care have gone into writing Go in Practice, a new Golang programming book from Manning and also available from Amazon. The book’s structure and approach are both geared toward helping Go newbies move beyond the basics. The writing is clear, and the … Continue reading Get Better with Golang: ‘Go in Practice’